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Cervical cancer is a severe global health problem and the most common cause of female cancer deaths in 21 of 48 Sub-Saharan African countries. It presents a significant public health threat to women on the African continent. However, cervical cancer is treatable if detected and treated early and with the proper devices.

Traditionally, colposcopy Рa procedure used for cervical screenings Рis only performed by specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. However, the Illumigyn Gynescope makes it possible for other healthcare personnel such as general practitioners, family physicians, midwives and even nurses to perform more accurate cervical cancer screening procedures that would otherwise have to be performed by the Gynaecologist.
The Illumigyn Gynescope System improves the effectiveness of every gynaecological visit. The technology generates high-resolution digital images with superior magnification, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy. The images are uploaded to a cloud and can be shared with healthcare professionals worldwide. With the Illumigyn Gynescope System, both patient and doctor are afforded clearer views of the procedure and the ability to safely obtain a second opinion without having to undergo repeated procedures. This reduces wait time between visits and the chances of patients being lost to follow up.

Unlike top market competitors which allow magnification only up to 30x, the Illumigyn Gynescope can magnify images up to 102x.


The Illumigyn Gynescope provides the following benefits:
  • User Friendly: any health personnel can be easily trained on the use and operation of the device. In addition, it is designed to make it simple for healthcare providers such as nurses and doctors who are not necessarily in Gynaecology or obstetrics to handle. This makes the Illumigyn Gynescope a practical and very efficient tool.
  • High-definition Camera: with high image resolution and superior magnification, the Illumigyn Gynescope System improves visibility to enable more precise sample collection during gynecologic exams when compared to conventional methods.
  • Cloud Sharing: unlike traditional colposcopes, the Illumigyn Gynescope System has a cloud-sharing feature that allows the images taken to be safely uploaded for sharing with other professionals.