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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately two-thirds of the world’s population have no meaningful access to medical imaging systems, which is crucial in ensuring timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of diseases. This makes it imperative that these systems are made available, especially to developing countries.

The Nanox system is a medical imaging system that comprises of the Nanox.ARC, which incorporates a digital X-ray source and a Nanox.CLOUD, a supportive cloud-based software built to deliver a complete medical imaging service. The system will include image collection, radiologist matching, online and offline diagnostics review and clarification, connectivity to diagnostic assistive artificial intelligence systems, billing and reporting.

Nanox is on a quest to provide a worldwide end-to-end medical imaging solution by deploying 15,000 units of Nanox.ARC system all over the world by the end of 2024. As part of our mission to revolutionise innovative healthcare across Africa, Peramare Medical plans to distribute a large number of these devices throughout Africa by the end of 2024. If successful, this will substantially increase access to medical imaging services across the continent.