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Peramare Medical

Our Identity

Peramare Medical is a brand committed to making standard healthcare accessible, affordable, and efficient across the entire African continent by leveraging on innovative and modern-day technology.We offer affordable, high-quality medical solutions that combine advanced innovation with cost-effective strategies to enable healthcare professionals provide world-class services to patients.We strive to revolutionize healthcare service delivery across Africa. This is achieved by identifying major healthcare challenges across the continent and providing sustainable solutions. Our products and services are designed to improve quality of life in a simple and effective way
Our Solutions

What we do

Health Management

Affordable Health Insurance
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Medical Imaging System
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Introducing the Illumigyn Gynescope System

Africa’s No.1 most efficient high-tech imaging solution with real-time procedure monitoring (for both physician and patient) and powerful cloud-sharing capability.

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Better Accuracy

Introducing the NANOX

The Nanox system is a medical imaging system that comprises of the Nanox.ARC, which incorporates a digital X-ray source and a Nanox.CLOUD, a supportive cloud-based software built to deliver a complete medical imaging service.