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The Peramare Nanox project was established in an effort to address the deficit in access to medical imaging in Nigeria. Prior to the beginning of the pilot phase of the project, several preparatory activities took place to ensure a safe and seamless installation process. Most of these activities were in order to make sure that the demo room was appropriately designed to house the Nanox ARC. This included arranging the cabling layout for the network and electrical cabinet, lead shielding, and branding of the Nanox room.


Nanox room during cabling layout for the network and electrical cabinet and lead shielding

Nanox room after branding

Once everything was in place and the Nanox-Nigeria team had been assembled, the Nanox Israel team arrived in Nigeria. The team, consisting of Mr. Niko, Mr. Yuhav and Mr. Dov Elbaz, arrived on June 13th2023 to install the machine. Upon their arrival at the facility, they got to work on the installation of the Nanox Arc and providing training sessions for radiographers, radiologists, and biomedical engineers. The entire exercise spanned from 13th – 17th June 2023.

 Following the installation, we were able to observe the successful operation of the Nanox ARC on our first human subject.

First successful operation of the Nanox ARC on human subject

Peramare-Nanox team and Nanox Team, Israel

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