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Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN)


No woman should have to be challenged with cancer at the peak of her career or when raising her family. Yet this is the case for about 12,000 Nigerian women diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. In view of that, Peramare Medicals, in partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) commenced an initiative aimed at promoting cervical health. Our generous partners at Heritage Bank sponsored 1000 women to have free screening for cervical cancer at PPFN using the Illumigyn Gynescope System. The program was kicked off on October 17th, 2023. The even was graced by the presence of representatives from Defense and Police Officer’s Wives Association (DEPOWA).  The DEPOWA president, Mrs. Ogboho Musa, was ably represented in the person of Dr. Juliet Ango.

Dr. Ango pointed out that the initiative is very pertinent as cervical cancer remains a global health concern, affecting millions of women each year as reported by WHO. This disease is preventable 
with early detection and timely intervention and with the availability of Gynescope system, there will be a great impact on the Nigerian society as a whole. She added that the defense is a restricted population, hence the need to advocate for awareness and early screening/detection for women of the association.

      Dr. Ango highlighted the fact that “the initiative is for the first 1000 women, but that doesnt mean there will not be another thousand and another thousand more which gives room for philanthropist to key in for sponsorship.

Earlier, the acting Director of Programs PPFN Dr. Paul Odigbo, noted that the initiative is meant to increase and expand access to cervical cancer screening for women. He said the pilot phase of this exercise is here at the PPFN national headquarters clinic but with funding, they intend to expand with across their other clinics nationwide. According to him, PPFN has 45 clinics in the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria, and partners with another 180 clinics scattered across the Nation.

Dr. Paul  was proud to announce that PPFN had procured a cryotherapy device which would further allow them to offer on the spot treatment for those who are found to have precancerous lesions.  While pointing out that all sexually active women are at risk for cervical cancer, he called for women to have timely checkups to ensure early treatment where needed. He further noted that women with HIV are a higher risk of  contacting cervical cancer.

The program manager of Peramare medicals, Dr. Nabila Shehu, further highlighted the morbidity and mortality rate of cervical cancer within the country, as well as the disparity in treatment. She followed by enumerating the features of the Illumigyn Gynescope that would aid in bridging this gap. She encouraged women that are sexually active from the age bracket of 21 – 65 years of age to seize the opportunity to get screened and stressed the fact that EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES. 

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