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St. Catherine Deployment

On November 16th, 2022 the Peramare Medicals team eagerly prepared for the deployment of the first Illumigyn Gynescope System in Nigeria to St. Catherine’s Specialist Hospital, Abuja.

few days prior, consultant obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. John Okoye and his team had been trained on the use of the Gynescope.

Under Dr. Okoye’s watchful eye, the Illumigyn Gynescope was set up in the operating room and the first patient was successfully screened for cervical cancer. Incidentally, she was found to have a small polyp which was easily removed.

On inquiring as to whether he would recommend the gynescope for use all over Nigeria, his response was “Of course! This is an equipment that we need for the health of our women. We want our women alive and want to save them. We want to pick up any cancers of the cervix and this is the right equipment to use for that.”

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